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 Once the tattoo is finished I will place on a 2nd skin wrap that you will aim to keep on for 1 full week. Try to stay away from high sun exposure or anything that causes to much sweating while the wrap is on, the sweat will get trapped under the wrap and mess with the healing process. When taking off the wrap it is recommended that you take it off in the shower, let warm water hit the area first and slowly peel from one corner. Take your time with this and pull very slowly. 


 Now that the wrap is off clean it with an anti bacterial soap (use only your hand to scrub, not a washcloth or a loofa). Pat it dry with paper towels and apply a very thin layer of ointment. Recommended ointments are Hustle Butter and Coconut oil. Continue to apply a thin layer of ointment a couple times a day for at least for another week.


 Once your tattoo is finished healing, it is important to continue to take care of your tattoo daily moisturizing and make sure to use high spf sunscreen when in the sun. 

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